If you need to get rid of water logging, T-Rock professionals are the ones you need to call. Water restoration requires zero supply of electricity in the house because it can be a hazard. We are a team of expert electricians with a goal of keeping a check on electrocution hazards.

Water Damage

Whether you are dealing with a small leak or a major flood, T-Rock specialist technicians are available to respond quickly, effectively, and appropriately to your water damage needs. We are equipped to handle damage caused by leaking washing machines, natural flooding, and more and can restore your property to its original condition.

Aside from straight water damage, mold growth is another result of water infiltration that can pose a serious health hazard. Corrosion and structural deterioration are other effects of water damage that can be more significant than the original damage itself.

As a water damage removal company, we have a strict protocol by which we handle problems. First, we perform certain initial tests to determine how long the property has been exposed to water damage, how much water has been absorbed within the structure, and how deeply that water has penetrated.

T-Rock professionals have gained years of experience and are experts in drying out all kinds of environments in a quick and cost effective manner. We are supported with the world’s largest fleet of drying equipment. We can immediately install a robust and regularly maintained dehumidifier, which will dry out the affected areas and control the environment inside the building. After the dehumidifiers are installed, progress checks will be made to make sure mold growth is avoided.

If your home has been flooded, you first need to secure the safety of your family and pets. After that, you can see if there is anything you can do for the water damage before a T-Rock professional arrives. First, if you are standing in water, make sure there are no electrical outlets that could cause a hazard. Also make sure to not turn on any appliances while water is covering the floor. You can also begin trying to mop up water once you have dried any wooden furniture and removed floor rugs. You should prop up any wet cushions or upholstery so that it can dry on both sides. Remove any loose items on the floor that could result in trips or injuries. It is also recommended to remove any loose books, magazines, or rugs because the dye can damage your carpets. If water damage is soaking through the ceilings of your home, do not turn on any turn on any light fixtures in the ceiling. Also avoid standing underneath areas where the ceiling is sagging from water saturation. T-Rock professionals are trained to restore homes after water damage, so let them handle the worst extent of the water damage.