Plano Metal Roof Repair In Plano TX

Plano Metal Roof Repair

You can’t make a better choice than T-Rock Roofing & Construction for Plano metal roof repair. We have a team of expert project managers who know everything there is to know about metal roof repair in Plano TX, and we’ve earned a reputation for excellence. We were incredibly honored to find out that listed us as one of the best roofers in Plano, and that made us more determined than ever to deliver the very best customer service possible.


Signs You Need Plano Metal Roof Repair

A metal roof is designed to last for decades, but it will still need Plano metal roof repair from time to time. There are times, for example, where this type of roof will leak. Here are a few reasons why leaks happen and why you might need metal roof repair in Plano TX, as a result.


  • Screws – Metal roof screws are used to seal out water. They do this by pressing down on the rubber washer found at the base of the head of each screw. However, if the screws aren’t driven correctly, that could cause the seal to fail. If this happens, you’ll probably need Plano metal roof repair.
  • Flashings – These are components that are attached to pipes and vents that stick out of your roof. They’re supposed to form a seal, keeping out water. Over time, though, rust can wear out flashings, increasing the risk of a leak. Contact T-Rock Roofing & Construction to see if your flashings need to be replaced or you need some other type of metal roof repair in Plano TX.
  • Sealant – Metal roofs expand and contract. This can put a lot of stress on the seals located throughout the roof. Let us check to make sure your sealant is working properly. If it’s not, we’ll provide the metal roof repair in Plano TX, you need.


Contact T-Rock Roofing to learn more about our Plano metal roof repair services. You can use our online form or call (469) 931-9867.