Kyle Bickham

As a seasoned project manager in the roofing industry, Kyle brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to every project he undertakes. With years of experience in overseeing roofing installations, repairs, and renovations, Kyle has honed his skills in coordinating teams, managing budgets, and ensuring quality craftsmanship.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Kyle finds solace and excitement in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). A dedicated practitioner himself, he’s drawn to the discipline, strategy, and perseverance required in both the roofing business and the MMA arena. Whether he’s strategizing project timelines or perfecting his technique on the mat, Kyle approaches every challenge with focus, determination, and a commitment to excellence.

With his dynamic background and unwavering dedication, Kyle is not only a reliable project manager but also a true aficionado of both roofing and MMA, constantly seeking to push boundaries and exceed expectations in every aspect of his life.


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