Chase Holland

Meet Chase, a dedicated project manager in the roofing industry with a deep-rooted commitment to both his profession and his family. With years of experience overseeing roofing projects, Chase has earned a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail, strong leadership skills, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Beyond his professional achievements, Chase greatest source of pride and joy is his role as a family man. As a loving husband and devoted father of two, he understands the importance of balancing the demands of his career with the needs of his loved ones. Whether he’s coordinating project timelines or spending time with his kids at the zoo, Chase approaches every aspect of his life with the same level of passion, integrity, and determination.

Chase’s family-centered approach extends beyond his personal life and permeates every project he undertakes. He understands that a well-built roof not only protects a house but also provides security and comfort for the families who call it home. With Chase at the helm, clients can trust that their roofing projects will be managed with the same care and dedication that he brings to his own family.

In Chase, you’ll find not only a skilled project manager but also a compassionate and dependable individual who values the importance of family above all else.

Man and son standing in snow next to a truck


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