Plano Roof Repair Company

You need to be careful when choosing a Plano roof repair company. At T-Rock Roofing and Construction, we’ve been the leading roof repair company in Plano TX, for over 60 years. We were honored to be included on the list of best roofing companies in Plano because we know how to deliver quality work, and we also know how to treat our customers. Unfortunately, not all roofing companies hold themselves to the same standards. Here are some tips on how to stay away from shoddy roofers.


Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Plano Roof Repair Company

Before you pick a Plano roof repair company, do some due diligence. If you know anyone who has worked with a roof repair company in Plano TX, ask them what they thought about the service they provided. Research online to see what others are thinking about the companies you’re considering. If you see any of the following, scratch the company responsible off your list.


  • Non-uniform appearance – You might know someone who worked with a Plano roof repair company and wound up with an uneven roof. It might like great on one side and lousy on the other. More than likely, the contractor failed to use shingles that completely matched.
  • A sagging roofline – This is one of the most common signs of shoddy work by a roof repair company in Plano TX. If the roofline dips or curves, that probably means the contractor cut corners when installing the decking.
  • Structural problems – If you ever hear a complaint about leaking after a roofing job, that’s a sure sign of a lack of quality work by the Plano roof repair company that did the job.


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