Plano New Roof Estimates


Plano New Roof Estimates

T-Rock Roofing and Construction has provided accurate, fair Plano new roof estimates for six decades. Like all the other services we perform, our new roof estimates in Plano TX are provided according to the strongest ethical standards. named us one of the best roofers in the city because of our commitment to quality and transparency. We welcome the opportunity to show you why so many people turn to us whenever they need any roofing work.


What to Look for When Getting Plano New Roof Estimates

Many companies fail to be as thorough as possible when providing Plano new roof estimates. Instead of providing quality new roof estimates in Plano TX, they rush through the job. That can lead to major hassles, not only with the roofer but also your insurance company. Here are a few things to watch out for when getting any roofing estimate.


  • An itemized document – All new roof estimates in Plano TX should be detailed and in black and white. Never agree to a verbal estimate – get it in writing. Look for specific start and completion dates, all material costs, labor hours, and labor costs. Also, make sure the removal of the old roofing material is included.
  • Add-ons – Sometimes, Plano new roof estimates are so insufficient that homeowners are shocked when they find out how much the job costs. Things can happen in any roofing job, and that can impact the final cost. New roof estimates in Plano TX, should include a provision for “change orders” if something unexpected occurs.
  • Never take a cash deal offer – New roof estimates in Plano TX will sometimes offer a discount for homeowners who pay cash. Stay away from this, because the roofer might be trying to hide earnings. It could also mean the roofer doesn’t want a paper trail should you have any complaints regarding the work.


Take those risks out of the equation by always turning to T-Rock Roofing & Construction for Plano new roof estimates. Get a quote by contacting us online or calling (469) 931-9867.