Plano Hail Damage On Roof

Plano hail damage on roof can be a severe problem. When thunderstorms roll into town, that often means extensive hail damage on roof in Plano TX, but if this ever happens to you, don’t panic. The experts with T-Rock Roofing and Construction will be ready to provide the most efficient, effective roof repair available. We’ve been in business for over six decades, and we’ve earned a lot of trust during that time. Our team of friendly professionals looks forward to the opportunity to earn your trust as well.


Don’t Wait if You Have Plano Hail Damage on Roof

We’ve helped thousands of people over the years who have experienced Plano hail damage on roof. Unfortunately, some of them waited too long to have an inspection to determine the extent of their hail damage on roof in Plano TX. When this happens, and the damage is severe, that can allow water to seep through the ceiling and into the walls. This can quickly lead to major problems that cost a lot of money to fix.


Please don’t make this mistake – as soon as it’s safe to do so, check to see if you have any Plano hail damage on roof. Or better yet, call T-Rock Roofing so we can perform a thorough inspection to see what kind of hail damage on roof in Plano TX you may have. Here are a few signs damage has occurred.


  • You see dents in your gutters, metal light fixtures, or your garage door.


  • You see indentions in your shingles and granules in your gutters.


  • You notice any signs of cracked shingles.


Contact T-Rock Roofing & Construction for Hail Damage on Roof in Plano TX

The experts with T-Rock Roofing will be here if you ever have to deal with Plano hail damage on roof. Give us a call at (469) 931-9867 or contact us online to schedule an inspection.