T-Rock Giving

T-Rock Roofing & Construction is a strong supporter of American’s Armed Forces through providing financial support to North Texas Patriot Anglers. T Rock owners come from a long line of US military medics and feel strongly about giving back and supporting our service men and women.

Since May of 2013, North Texas Patriot Anglers serves our disabled active military personnel and veterans with emotional and physical rehabilitation via fly fishing and fly tying education and outings. T Rock also supports those warriors by offering them on-site jobs that work around their injuries. For example, PTSD patients can work for T Rock in office settings and those that are interested in helping with construction or roofing are welcome to work in that capacity.

In addition to providing work alternatives, T Rock’s commitment to our troops does not stop there, with a portion of company proceeds donated directly to the Patriot Anglers of North Texas.

T Rock clients may donate directly through their T Rock contracts. Each T Rock contract is a direct contribution to America’s wounded Armed Forces personnel. In fact, T Rock donates all deductibles to this project.

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From Aaron Sadler, Owner of T Rock Roofing & Construction

I have always searched for a way to teach my 4 children that true peace and happiness comes from kindness and serving others, not from worldly fame and fortune. As I searched for a program or a group where we could focus our company’s time and talents, I became acquainted with Patriot Anglers. They told me the story of a young service man that had served in Afghanistan and had been extremely disfigured due to a roadside bomb. He was sent back to Texas where it was explained to him that in order to have his sight restored properly he would need to personally hire a medical specialist or be shipped to Minnesota for an operation to be performed by military surgeons.

He chose Minnesota and while waiting there before the surgery, things went from bad to worse back home with his family. What you may not know is that after a member of the services is medically released, their pay is docked to only 1/3rd of their normal salary. As you can imagine, his wife and 3 kids struggled greatly and began to lose the house, car, and could not afford to pay their meager bills. After realizing his sight may never be restored and learning of the hardship his family was experiencing, he decided to take his own life knowing that he was worth more dead than alive.

When his wife learned of his shocking plan, she dropped everything, including her job, and drove to Minnesota with her 3 kids to cheer up and lend moral support to her husband. While there she stayed in her car in a Walmart parking lot.

When I heard of this story, I was deeply saddened. This is not how I ever imagined our nation’s heroes, our sons and daughters, would be treated after giving everything they had on the battlefield for us. I felt very guilty that I had enjoyed such luxuries while they were denied simple medical care and attention. They had nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

We decided we would love to help as many of our “Wounded Warriors” and their families as we could. Since then we have hired as many wounded veterans as possible to do whatever jobs we could find possible. You may see them as project managers, office staff, desk adjusters, inspectors, drivers, salesmen, couriers, data entry, many different trades and whatever we can find to help them out.

As you get to know the warriors that serve on your project, please take a minute to thank them for their contributions and let them feel that they are not alone. T Rock donates all deductibles and a portion of all proceeds to help keep our heroes and their family out of harm’s way. It is our way of paying it forward and we hope you too will become involved in our nations wounded warriors through Patriot Anglers.