Slate Roofing

About Slate Roofing Tiles
Have you ever walked on your slate walkway or driveway and thought about how magnificent this would look as roof tile?
Among the oldest type of tiles, slate roofing tiles also happen to be the longest lasting tiles on the market today. The longevity of slate has been known to be as long as 100 years.
Because the unique and varied shape, color, and texture of each tile, slate roofs create a naturally organic look that’s very eye catching when installed by an expert roofer.

Benefits of Slate Roofing Tiles
Because slate is waterproof, it is an extremely suitable material for roofing tiles. Natural slate requires minimal processing, and it is used virtually everywhere that it is available by building contractors because of its durability and the minimal processing requirements.
As mentioned, being a natural stone, slate can last for decades. Consider the maintenance free process of this product for years down the line.
Another advantage, is the energy saving cost. Slate is very energy efficient saving, you money for many years to come. Slate, like cement, is fire resistant and requires virtually no maintenance.

Facts About Slate Roofing Tiles
Slate roofing tile can be a large investment for your home, so make sure you call an experienced Dallas slate roofing company and ask for a portfolio.
We recommend that slate tile roofing owners have their roofs power washed by a slate roofing professional at least once a year to ensure that you do not have any mold or insects.
The materials used for the slate roof tiles are extremely tolerant to high wind. We offer a lifetime guarantee, and a synthetic slate roof is as low maintenance as the natural slate roofs. A synthetic slate roof system can last you a lifetime.
If you are interested in slate roofing don’t hesitate to call us for a non-obligation consultation.