Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims2019-03-22T01:36:47-05:00

Insurance Claims

Although property owners are grateful they have insurance coverage when a storm hits, dealing with claims department can often be a larger hassle than the repair process itself. Fortunately, you may not have to. Contact T-Rock Roofing and Construction first, and we will send a tenured construction specialist to meet with the representative from the insurance company when assessing the extent of the storm damage. This ensures that you receive compensation for all of the repairs needed up front. Even if you have already begun a claim, we will be able to provide a code compliant, full comprehensive scope of work. In doing so, we do our best to work with – not against – your insurance provider. Many insurance adjusters will calculate less expensive repairs by reusing old roofing components, windows, or other items that may be damaged. However, this often results in a roof system being compromised within a year of replacement, and windows fogging up within 2-3 years. Our professionals identify all repairs and replacement parts needed for your structure. We also procure third party aerial measurements to determine accurate roof dimensions, which saves the insurance company both money and time. In a time of crisis, we work to provide you stress-free, quality roofing and construction.

Five Steps to Recover from a Storm (Infographic)


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Claims Process FAQs

How long does the process take?2019-03-19T14:16:00-05:00

The claim process may take anywhere between two days up to six months to complete depending on many factors. Ask your contractor for more details regarding your specific project.

What About My Wall Decor?2019-03-11T15:12:48-05:00

Due to the amount of vibrations during construction, we do recommend that you remove any items from walls and shelves that could potentially fall off and break prior to starting the project.

Do You Provide a Warranty?2019-03-11T15:12:24-05:00

Yes. A minimum of 10 years up to lifetime warranty.

Will My Yard Be a Mess?2019-03-11T15:12:04-05:00

No. We roll powerful magnets throughout your property to gather as many nails as possible. Our crews and contractors canvass the property several times to collect any debris.

Will I Have to Miss Any Work?2019-03-11T15:11:35-05:00

No. We are happy to meet with your insurance adjuster on your behalf and represent your best interest; we always welcome you to be there if you like. We work around your schedule and can meet nearly any time, day or night.

How Much Will This Cost Me?2019-03-11T15:11:08-05:00

Most insured home owners pay nothing and It WILL NOT raise your premiums. Call us for a 15 minute appointment and let us explain how. We show you step by step.