Designer Roofing

As the architecture of buildings and homes become more elaborate, we need to ensure that the roofing designs are as lavish and elegant as the architecture upon which it is constructed. Here at T-Rock Roofing & Construction, we strive to not only build the most durable roofs in Dallas but to also maintain the integrity of the homeowners’ vision of their designer roof.

What Is Designer Roofing

A grand home without an equally magnificent roof will not be complete. Today, many designer home builders, architects, and roofing companies like T-Rock Roofing construct sophisticated works of art in the form of designer roofs. These types of modern roofing can be outfitted with skylights, domes, glass and more.

There is quite a lot that goes into designer roofing. Starting with a plan and precise measurements for each peak, corner, rafter, skylight, chimney, gutter and everything else that can be encountered on designer roofing projects.

Designer Roofing Materials

Designer roofing materials change continually depending on the roofing style you have chosen for your specific project.

Do you want asphalt shingles like you have had in the past? Have you considered the benefits of a metal roof such as copper, aluminum or steel? If you have a commercial establishment, a designer concrete roofing project may be worth some consideration. How about the elegance of ceramic, stone or glass? Perhaps you didn’t think this was even a possibility? We can discuss all of your options and see which would be the best fit for you and your home.

Designer Shingles

One of the most important materials for your designer roof are designer shingles. When deciding on your designer roofing shingles, you need to take into consideration all the different options of shingles out on the market for your home.

When you hear people say roof shingles, you probably picture a rectangle black, grey, red or brown asphalt shingle. What if you knew all the options out there today beyond the standard asphalt shingle which has been around for ages? T-Rock Roofing has all the options ready to showcase to you.

Designer roofing shingle tiles were mainly designed to keep out rain, and were traditionally made from materials that were locally sourced such as slate and terra cotta. Today, materials such as plastic, concrete, ceramic and glass are popular to use.

Whatever type of designer roof you envision we at T-Rock Roofing and Construction can bring your dream to fruition. Call us today for a no-obligation designer roofing consultation.