Damon and Rachel joined our team in 2016.  This husband and wife team brings years of experience in both construction and insurance adjustment.  Damon has been helping install roofs, gutters, siding and general labor since he was a teenager.  He knows the ins and out of the trade like no other from actually installing the products he now manages.  Rachel has been a licensed insurance agent in both Minnesota and Texas for over 5 years.  When Rachel was not working her usual 9-5 job as an insurance agent, she was helping her husband behind the scenes while learning the construction trade.  After years behind the scenes, she is now joining her husband on the front lines of project management.  Both Damon & Rachel believe honesty is the best policy.  Both would bend over backwards to ensure the job is done right.  When Damon and Rachel are not helping homeowners with all their construction needs, they are caring for their amazing daughter or spending time with their large family.


Unknown Facts:

  • Very strong in their Christian faith
  • Love Hockey, they are Victor Club Members for the Dallas Stars
  • Love Animals, has both a Cat (Peter) and a Dog (Rosie)
  • They Love the Outdoors (camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and campfires)


(682) 323 – 6128

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